The BIG Announcement

Well guys, it’s time. I can finally stop being annoyingly vague and announce to the world why I’ve been so MIA and what I’ve been hinting at…


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Quintessential Fall Weekend

Hi friends, I’m back. I have lots of stuff to catch up on, but let’s just focus on the weekend for now. This weekend was a bit of whirlwind, but with all fun stuff. First can we talk about how beautiful Ohio sunrises have been lately? I’m a little dismayed that summer seems to be ending as temperatures cool down, but these sunrises make things a lot more bearable. We all know how I feel about fall/coldness in general...

ohio sunrise Talk about a cotton candy sky <3

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The Greatest Links of the Week

Sorry for being MIA lately; I’ve been busy with things that I can’t share right now, but am hoping I can soon! How annoyingly vague is that??  I hate when bloggers do that unless they immediately share things the next day. Well sorry friends, that won’t be happening here (unless something amazing happens. OMG less than 5 minutes after I typed this something amazing did happen, so I might be less vague sooner rather than later ahhhhh!), but to make up for it I’ve got some good links for you all.

Why my generation is so damn flaky. Ugh biggest pet peeve of mine. I’ve taken a somewhat extreme stance on this lately and now if you flake on plans, you’re dead to me and those are the last plans we’ll ever make together.

This isn’t me to a tee, but I relate to a lot of the things about having an outgoing personality but actually being shy pretty hard. It kind of explains why somedays I’m like “I love ALLLLL the people” while other days I can sit at home alone with my phone off and be perfectly content.

And because I’m all about reading things that relate to my personality I found this quiz and had to take it. Maybe it’s because I’m in my 20s and not totally sure of who exactly I am (but am a helluva lot more sure than I was 10 years ago), but I find comfort in these types of quizzes or lists when they can so succinctly word a lot of things I feel. BTW I am equal parts a 3 and a 7.

This boot has saved my life this week. That’s not the exact model I wear, but I’ve been sleeping in a similar boot, because my plantar fasciitis has been OUT OF CONTROL to the point where I have been limping everywhere. Fortunately (for me) my dad has the same problem and has 2 of these boots so we’ve both been wearing them. Because I’d rather wear an XL boot for free instead of buying a S one.

This book. I read this book in about 4 hours, because A. I couldn’t put it down B. It’s a fast read and (most importantly) C. It was due the next day and I couldn’t renew it. I knew nothing about the book going in, and that’s how I recommend everyone else should read it. Even when I finished I could not stop thinking about it. So spend a few hours this weekend reading it, you won’t regret it.

If you love abandoned places as much as me then you’ll love this Instgram profile with sweet pictures and a little history on most of the places.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Have a great weekend everyone!


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RHOC Recap 8/18/14- Reunion Part 2

The only thing I love more than watching the Real Housewives is talking about the Real Housewives. And Real Housewives of Orange County is where it’s at right now.  Here’s my weekly recap of this week’s ep: “Reunion Part 2″

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Happy Labor Day

Happy labor day, friends. I took work off Friday so I got to enjoy an extra long holiday weekend. Beers with friends Friday night, laid out poolside Saturday, wine night Saturday night, but the highlight was a breakfast picnic we had with some of our neighbors.

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