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I’m posting an update because my brother told me yesterday that people have said stuff to him about my blog, so apparently people back home read it, and I don’t want people checking it out and seeing a post about menstrual cups first thing.


So what have I been up to? Well first I was studying for my CNSC exam for work, which BTW was the hardest exam I’ve ever taken. Which makes sense since they’ve changed the exam and it’s the same for everyone regardless of whether you’re a dietitian, nurse, doctor, or pharmacist. So it was really hard, and I still don’t know if I passed because they are archaic and mail you your results 4 weeks after taking it.


SO I was studying for that and hating life because I lived with the craziest roommate ever. This girl tried to tell me I wasn’t allowed to open my blinds because “people will see you changing and walk by the house even after you move out.” I also got frequently scolded for my water usage despite the fact that I take 5 minute showers and she took 30 minute showers, no joke. Then I got accused of poisoning her cat (the most LOLable thing ever since I’m a cat freak) and was pretty sure my messages were being hacked among other things so I moved out.


I was homeless for about 2 hours before dear old craigslist came through and I met my new and current roommate, the nicest 70 year old lady and her toy poodle. We live together in a senior citizen’s community and she makes me and her boyfriend who lives down the street dinner every night. After dinner we watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune and I play Dominoes with them and their friends on Fridays. It’s kind of the best thing ever.


But all good things must come to an end, and I will be moving out in 2 weeks for my next adventure. I love traveling, but I’m tired of living in smaller cities in the valley so I’m moving to LA to do consulting all around there. In classic traveler fashion I will be moving down there with no housing lined up 2 days before I fly to Ohio and New York for a week before immediately beginning work the day after my trip. So wish me luck finding and moving into a place in 36 hours! And wish me even more luck, because I will be working all over that entire city, so odds are at some point I will have the most soul sucking commute of my life. So it goes.


On a sad note, my childhood puppy got put to sleep the same day I found out I got a new job. Talk about bittersweet. RIP Tia.

dog in cat bed


Life Changing Products- The Diva Cup

So I may suck at blogging about my life nowadays, but I still like to make it my mission to keep the world (/5 people who read this) informed about my new discoveries/products. Today we’re getting down and dirty and talking about periods, so there’s gonna be some TMI, and if that’s not your thing, see you in like 3 months when I post about my next latest discovery.

Let’s Talk Dry Shampoos

Well look at me posting multiple times in a week AND providing some useful information instead of just rambling about my life. I am a self proclaimed dry shampoo expert, because I wash my hair 1-2 times a week, which is pretty disgusting, but actually healthier for your hair or so I hear.

best dry shampoos

Well Well Well….

HEY! I’m not even sorry for not blogging, because now I’m busy living my life and don’t exactly have time to blog about it, but this is a good little diary for me to look back on, so here is a nice little update on my life.

First of all I found out I’m allergic to tequila.

tequila allergy

Sad face.

Favorite Yoga Songs

So I love yoga. Like more than I’ve ever loved any other form of exercise, and I could gush about it all day, but I don’t want to be one of “those people.” Even though I am; I just hide it. Just like how I hide the fact that I’m kind of exactly like those stupid annoying, pretentious, “um, where did this food come from?” people on Portlandia, but only on the inside. I don’t verbalize those thoughts.

Anyways back to the point of this post, YOGA. And something that can really make or break a class for me, the music. For example once I did a class with a sub back home whose entire playlist was like Native American windchimes. Um, no thanks.

Fortunately most of my yoga teachers here in California have baller taste in music. Unfortunately I can’t exactly shazam in the middle of a flow, so I don’t know the sames of all the songs. But here are some of the ones I DO know and love.


We Belong- RAC 




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