I’m Back


So I thought my Sons of Anarchy phase would last like a week and then I’d be back to normal life. Then I watched every. single. episode. in two and a half weeks. That’s over 80 episodes. Oh and I was working a full time job, so my day went like this: yoga, work, dinner, Sons, bed, repeat. Except for weekends where it was more like yoga, walk, Sons, bed.

But now that it’s all over (wahh) I can return and catch up.

So what have I been up to?

Well I worked on Thanksgiving, which sounds like a bummer, but it’s not so bad when you get to experience these sunrises (warning lots of sky pictures in this whole post)

california sunrise

california mountains sunrise


Hi guys, just checking in to say I’m still alive. And I have a post in my drafts, but I’m too lazy to upload pics for it right now, but it’s coming.

Other than that I have nothing to post, because I’ve been consumed with Sons of Anarchy. Same story as Breaking Bad, I would watch an ep on Netflix every now and then, but never got super into it. Until the day that I became obsessed and started watching it every waking minute.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. Freaking out over episodes about 4 years late, eating animal style everything from In-N-Out, and not washing my hair for a week straight.

Not exactly blogworthy. That said if anyone else is a few years late to the party and wants to talk SAMCRO with me LET ME KNOW. I’m on season 3, and obsessed is an understatement. Currently seeking a motorcycle riding man and planning on getting inked.

sons of anarchy

RHOBH Recap Season 5 Premiere

Okay okay, we all know I couldn’t stay away from these. This is MY PASSION. If that makes me a loser/freak/basic bitch then so be it. H8ers gon’ h8.

Unless you’re new around here (Hi!) you should know that I loooove my real housewives, especially my CA housewives. So this is where I word vomit all of my feelings about each week’s episode. So without further ado here we got with this week’s ep: “Guess Who’s Coming to the White Party?”

rhobh season 5

Pop Culture Spewings

Spewing is a pretty gross word, huh? It’s not really any worse than “dump,” which is what I usually use for my rambling posts. Anywho.

I haven’t talked about my shows/music/anything pop culture related, so now seems like a good time to do so. I don’t have cable at my apartment, but I’ve stayed fairly up to date on shows thanks to the wonderful internet and Slingbox, but the lack of cable has definitely contributed to my decrease in these types of posts. Which could be a good or bad thing.


Today I’m taking the easy way out of  blogging and encouraging (AKA bossing) you all to take this personality test. I find personality tests fascinating and this is a good one. Also I’ve taken it at least 3 times (including once when I was kind of drunk) and gotten the same result each time. So that has to make it accurate.

hot at parade

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