Well Well Well….

HEY! I’m not even sorry for not blogging, because now I’m busy living my life and don’t exactly have time to blog about it, but this is a good little diary for me to look back on, so here is a nice little update on my life.

First of all I found out I’m allergic to tequila.

tequila allergy

Sad face.

Favorite Yoga Songs

So I love yoga. Like more than I’ve ever loved any other form of exercise, and I could gush about it all day, but I don’t want to be one of “those people.” Even though I am; I just hide it. Just like how I hide the fact that I’m kind of exactly like those stupid annoying, pretentious, “um, where did this food come from?” people on Portlandia, but only on the inside. I don’t verbalize those thoughts.

Anyways back to the point of this post, YOGA. And something that can really make or break a class for me, the music. For example once I did a class with a sub back home whose entire playlist was like Native American windchimes. Um, no thanks.

Fortunately most of my yoga teachers here in California have baller taste in music. Unfortunately I can’t exactly shazam in the middle of a flow, so I don’t know the sames of all the songs. But here are some of the ones I DO know and love.


We Belong- RAC 




Big Trees

So the other Saturday I woke up feeling pretty hungover, but it was Saturday and Saturday  power yoga so I chugged some coffee, grabbed my mat, and prayed I wouldn’t throw up in class. I guess yoga was the right thing to do, because after class I felt like a new woman ready to take on the world.

This coupled with the fact that the visibility was amazing and it was an unseasonable 70 degrees and sunny I decided to head to the mountains. You might remember my last impromptu trip there, which was great and all, but I had no clue what I was doing. I mean I thought you just stayed in your car and drove around like a freaking safari.

Now that I was a seasoned vet I had a plan. Really all I did was go back to Moro rock, take pics, and then head to see General Sherman AKA the largest tree in the world.

So now… pics.

moro rock view

Driving in California

After living in California for almost 3 months I definitely have some opinions on things. The strongest one being related to all things driving (good and bad)

Let’s just say that when Tupac uttered the words “Now let me welcome everybody to the wild, wild West” he was referring specifically to California’s roads.



Because let me tell you, it’s like the freaking wild west out here, NO RULES. And not in the good way. So lets list a few things.


Edit: Holy shitballs I just published this without a title. Then realized it and felt like the best title I could come up with as “Titleless.” That gives you an idea of how impromptu and random this post was.

I’m going to be honest about something. The only reason I’m writing this right now is because Showtime Anytime isn’t working and I can’t keep binge watching Californication. No offense to my handful of readers, but writing posts just hasn’t been my priority lately.

I’ve been more into living my life than blogging about it. Moving every 3 months is weird. The first month you’re like a fish on land trying to figure out basic things like the closest pharmacy, gas station, grocery store, etc. Pretty much my life depended on the Google Maps app.

Then the next month things are chill, and you just live normal life, doing normal things, while trying to squeeze in activities that are super convenient to where you are at that point in time, like vising the nearest national park or big city.

Then month 3 rolls around and if you’re like me you’re all “omg I’m about to move soon; why did I buy so much shit that I’m going to have to pack? I need to purge all of my belongings and eat all of the frozen meals I’ve hoarded while simultaneously imaging my life in my future location.

This all may sound lame, but it keeps me pretty busy, and I love it. And I love living it more than blogging about it. But alas the internet gods are frowning on me right now, so I’m going to blog. Actually I’m going to confess some things after that random, long winded, irrelevant intro. Leggo.

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